Tomoko Hori | About Tomoko Hori
Tomoko Hori is a jewellery designer specializing in contemporary jewellery, craft and object making.
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I brought up in a lovely neighbourhood between Osaka, colourful and lively city and Kobe, surrounded by sea and mountains. I was always curious and looked for change and something new, then one day, I left Japan and came to London with only one suitcase. I didn’t know anybody and only knew little English! This experience made both my creativity and who I am.


I have a slightly different approach when I work for jewellery and object as a wearable or not, but I love the thing that something you can feel warm, unique, carefully hand crafted and has a story to tell. It is the story that you can imagine and create by what you see, touch and feel.


Imaginative stories, colour and unique form stimulates my creativity and inspires me to construct my own worlds. When I was a child, my mother used to tell me many stories, Sometimes they came from books and sometimes they came from her imagination. It was very exciting and I always looked forward to hearing her stories. As a grown up, I still love to read, hear and imagine magical stories. Imagining a story is like looking into a mysterious world that you can see but cannot touch. My work is a small part of the wonderful imaginary world that is always inside of my head.

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