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Tomoko Hori is a jewellery designer specializing in contemporary jewellery, craft and object making.
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2 years ago
Artists' Open House, Dulwich Festival

Artists Open house starts this weekend!

We have over 250 artists spread across these SE London postcodes taking part in this year’s Artists’ Open House 11/12 May & 18/19 May. #ArtistsOpenHse #DulwichFestival @artistsopenhse @dulwichfestival

#SE21 #SE22 #SE15 #SE5 #SE15 #SE24 #SE27 #SE23 #SE26 #Dulwich #DulwichVillage #WestDulwich #EastDulwich #PeckhamRye #Camberwell #HerneHill #NorthDulwich #WestNorwood #TulseHill #ForestHill ... See more

2 years ago

Printmaker, Kim & I am taking part of Artist's Open House (Dulwich Festival) next two weekends, 11/12, 18/19 May. Come to see us and find a unique piece of our work!

2 years ago
Note for Night in the Woods

Quite often I don't know what will come in the end when I start to work for my pieces. Sometime the inspiration comes from the objects, sometime comes from the shapes and colours or just random things. While I collect all the inspirations and experiment materials, little by little some images and stories start to appear in my head. I have my own stories for my work but I prefer not to tell. I ... See more

2 years ago
Photos from Tomoko Hori Jewellery's post

Night in the woods, 2019

Hand Painted Paper
Walnut Sheet
Brass Wire
Piano Wire
Animal in the woods

2 years ago
Photos from Tomoko Hori Jewellery's post

I will be back at Camberwell Arts Festival this Saturday.

Looking for unique and thoughtful gifts this Christmas? Camberwell Arts are offering more creativity, style and local talent than ever before on Saturday 1 December between 12noon and 5pm. Visit over 40 stalls in three market locations hung like festive baubles strung delicately across central Camberwell:
The Tiger Pub, Butterfly Walk ... See more

2 years ago

Solo Craft Fair - Christmas market is tomorrow!
if you are near by, come around and say hi!

2 years ago
SoLo Craft Fair

Hope you had a lovely weekend all!

Here is the all places that I am going to have a stall this winter. It is a good opportunities to find something special and unique for Christmas direct from artists and designer makers.

If you are around, come and say Hi!

Solo Craft Fair
Saturday 24th November, 11-4pm
St Barnabas Parish Hall, Dulwich

Made in Camberwell Arts ... See more

SoLo Craft Fair runs craft markets with a difference. Popping up in various venues in South London, every event is unique boasting different stall holders, musicians and workshops.